Praise for George Jackson and “Time and Place”. 

“This is an outstanding baker’s dozen of fiddle tunes, all of them originals and all of them with a firm grasp of the tradition. What is even more remarkable is that the writer of these tunes is originally from New Zealand. Jackson moved to Nashville after going to university for jazz studies in Australia. There is no indication of an outright jazz influence other than in the subtle chord choices from time to time and the fine arrangements of each tune.” - Bluegrass Unlimited 2019

“His tunes have the same buoyant energy of traditional old-time music, the groove is elastic, and the band (of combined nationality) has a matching ruffled timbre. So while deeply honoring the form, the new compositions and traces of the stylistic scope that George and the other players embody bring a freshness — it still smells like an old guitar, but with a new set of strings.” - Nashville Scene 2019

“It continues: the year that instrumental music totally demolished and owned the landscape of “amazing records that were released” and George Jackson‘s ‘Time and Place’ hits that nail directly on the head…and sends it through the floorboards and digs itself down into the earth, unwavering in its delivery and sticking there for the long haul… Jackson’s arrangements and tunes are standouts in their melodic catchiness and overall vibe. They have a movement to them. You get caught up in the tidal wave of sound, but never lose sight of that melody. Sounding and feeling like traditional songs you have played around jams for decades, but there is something more.” - Redline Roots 2019

“Time and Place is a timeless sounding album, springing forth from Jackson's fiddle like an old-time tune you know intimately, but at the same time delivered with a sense of freshness and vitality that brings each song to life.” - Tim Newby 2019

“These tunes sit effortlessly along old-time classics while being steeped in Jackson’s own personality” - Songlines Magazine, UK 2019